For Those Who Have a Bummer Former, Here’s 5 Songs That Make It Up To Them!

Well, for those of you who feel the second break type, have songs that are suitable for your ex-bummer, ya!

The songs that already curate this emo song is usually sad, but this lyrics even make the spirit and not upset. It’s really nice for you who just broke up and got an ex-bummer.

If you’ve been curious about the songs, check out the cool bands below:

Mayday Parade – If You Wanted A Song Written About You, All You Had to Do Was Ask

“Take me home, I’d rather die than be with you.”

Knuckle Puck – No Good

“People like you who make me pessimistic.”

Automatic Loveletter – Black Ink Revenge

“I want to get you out of my dream, and you’ll miss me when I’m gone.”

Four Year Strong – I Hold Myself in Contempt

“I never thought of giving you up, and I never thought you would arrest me!”

Man Overboard – The Absolute Worst

“I’m too good for someone like you!”

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