It’s a Gorillaz Collaboration Video with Noel Gallagher

For those who already talked about Gorillaz, surely already know that Damon Albarn’s band is entitled Noel Gallagher for collaboration in one of the songs on their new album, Humanz.

Well, before, we wondered how the form of collaboration. But now the question is answered.

On May 5, 2017, Gorillaz became one of the guest stars on the comedy talk show The Graham Norton Show. There, they performed the song We Got The Power.

Here it is the long-awaited, in the action, Gorillaz is not alone. There is Noel Gallagher sing along and play guitar. In addition there is also a vocalist of the band Savages, Jehnny Beth, who was invited collaboration in this song as well.

Funnily enough, during an interview session, Jehnny had joked. Graham Norton asked, from where Jehnny met with Damon Albarn and further invited the collaboration.

And Jehnny’s answer is, “We met at Tinder.”

“I salute it can work,” Graham said.

Well, let’s watch their action on this video:

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