The 10 Most Original Coldplay Songs, Which Represents Your Feelings?

Coldplay Can be regarded as a band across generations. How not, since it was formed in 1996, the group headed by Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion has always been an idol band whose works received tremendous appreciation.

Coldplay’s success is definitely not a coincidence. Admittedly or not, the British band always produces beautiful and touching works. His timeless musical style makes Coldplay easily accepted by various generations. This is what makes him deserve the title of legend.

I’m so legendary, some songs released since many years ago still sung people until now. Not only because of his unique music, some Coldplay songs are also considered legend because of the story that lies behind it. Where are the songs in question? Here are some of them!

That’s 10 Coldplay songs that are considered the most successful and shine throughout the career of the musician. Of course, there are many more Coldplay songs that will ‘fool’ the feelings of the fans. So which one is your favorite song?

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