Foo Fighters Released Mixtape Generator. Applications Make a Cooler Playlist From Spotify. Try it!

In this digital era, the band must be good at using the media to preserve the music. All innovations will surely be welcomed by the fans. An example is done by Poogawa rocker Foo Fighter.

On May 13 yesterday, they officially launched an application called Mixtape Generator. Through this application we can create playlists Foo Fighters songs based on a particular theme.

Try it!

First, access the application on the official web Foo Fighters. Log in to your Spotify account. And after that, you are asked to choose the vibe you want. There are four options: Sporting, Commute, On a Run, Cruising, and Lazy.


Choose one of them, then you will be escorted to the next step, which is choosing one of the three Foo Fighters concert posters. Afterwards, a series of Foo Fighter songs that match your chosen theme will be presented, you can change the order.


The last step is to enter the song selection to “cassette” and play it on the tape. Asiknya, we can share our mixtape to social media and can also make a playlist for our Spotify.

The look will be made as if we were after making a compilation of songs (mixtape) on the cassette, a habit of music lovers before emerging digital music player technology like today.


Good luck.

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