Linkin Park Releases Album “One More Light”, But The Belom Fans Can Move On!

-Wow, Linkin Park is back nih bro! Rock band from California, USA fronted by Chester Bennington (Vocals), Rob Bourdon (Drums), Brad Delson (Guitar), Dave Farrell (Bass), Joe Hahn (Keyboard), and Mike Shinoda (Rap, Backing Vocals, Guitar) Aja released the seventh studio album “One More Light” on May 19, 2017 yesterday. This time Linkin Park performed a collaboration with singer Pusha T and also Kiara, featured on the first two singles of this album. One of their single titled “Heavy” was very well responded by the fans and music lovers. And also a single called “Good Goodbye” which in effect brings us to a new poem from the citizens of Virginia, who are always welcomed.

Bro, if you do not really like the songs on their new album and miss their songs on the first album “Hybrid Theory” (2000), which Kotaxmusic reports from, Chester Bennington says that “it’s time To move f * ck on. “Which is where the album is older than most high school kids today. No wonder ya bro, if most fans can not move-on from albums containing their legendary songs like “Numb”, “In The End”, and “New: Divide.”

For those of you who do not know the same songs from Linkin Par in the album “One More Light” is, Kotaxmusic love track list ya, bro. You can watch in their official video and happy listening.

1.Nobody Can Save Me

2.Good Goodbye

3.Talking to Myself

4.Battle Symphony



7.Sorry For Now

8.Halfway Right

9.One More Light

10.Sharp Edges

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