Microsoft Story Remix, The Original Windows 10 Video Editor App that Much Like a Professional Editor!

In addition to the latest updates that will come out for Windows 10 software in a few weeks time, Microsoft is now also introducing a new video editor application replacement Movie Maker. Named Microsoft Story Remix, believe it or not, this app is approaching a high-end video editor app with advanced features but still friendly to use! This app is a combination product of Windows Ink, Windows Graph, 3D Remix, 3D Paint capabilities, and more!

One of the most favored features of this application is the ability of this application to combine 3D objects similar to Augmented Reality. Here is an introductory video from Microsoft:

Microsoft Story Remix is expected to start sliding and is available in Windows 10 starting next September. Unfortunately, we must be patient waiting for some more features that will appear gradually until Story Remix is available in full.

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