PlayMood, Advanced iPhone Applications That Can Choose Songs As Mood Conditions

Listening to a song usually depends on mood or mood. If the heart is happy, then the song is often heard of course is a happy song. Even so if you’re upset, then the usual song played was usually a sad song. On the iOS platform, you can find an app that detects your mood. Furthermore, the application will automatically select songs that match the mood conditions you are experiencing. The app is a PlayMood app.

PlayMood can be used on iPod Touch or iPhone. Next, you can use the front camera to detect your mood. Surely you must really express the mood conditions for this application can run as desired. In addition, this application can also use webcam camera on Mac or Windows computer. To perform this step, you need an additional app, the PlayMood Remote.

Once the app has successfully detected the mood state, then PlayMood will select a song from your iTunes library. But to keep in mind, even if you use a Windows or Mac computer to detect the mood of the face, the songs played remain from the iPhone or iPod Touch. However, this application is likely to be quite difficult in the detection of the mood of the face. This application will tend to detect normal mood and mood sadly better than happy mood. The good news is, this app is available for free. You can download this app here. Meanwhile, if you want to use PlayMood Remote application, can be downloaded at this link.

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