Spinner Fixer Can Make Bass So It Is More Easy. This Video Prove it.

Recently, mini spinner toy gadget is suddenly very trend, not only in Indonesia but also in the world. Sales were skyrocketed. Everyone feels the need for these circling toys to accompany the daily activities. Many say, this toy can be powerful to reduce anxiety and stress.

But, as we thought. In the development of this toy is then developed also its use. Many are ngulik new ways to play it.

One of them is Davie, an Italian musician who like to make a vlog on YouTube. Recently, he answered the question of whether Fidget Spinner could be picked to play bass. In fact, it can! He proved it by playing the intro part of the Black Eyed Peas song called Pump It.

By wearing a spinner, it turns out he does not need to tired-tired picking bass. The game became so much faster. No more trouble.

Just look at it, the video is here:

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