Welcome Ramadan, John Legend Releases Video Clip About Love Hijaber Struggle

John Legend make love songs emang is not new anymore. Well, after “All of Me” and “Love Me Now”, now Chrissy Teigen’s husband has just released a video clip for his new single “Surefire”.

Uniquely, the music video tells the story of a forbidden love between a Muslim girl and her Mexican girlfriend.

“Ever had a love where you would do anything for it? Struggling? Traveling far away? Ignoring the warnings from people around you ?,” Legend said while uploading a video directed by Cole Wiley in his Instagram account.

“Sometimes love meets all obstacles.This is a definite love,” he added.

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In the music video, the Muslim girl goes through various obstacles, ranging from her father who opposes relationships of different races and religions, until finally the man must be deported.

However, the distance and the differences can not separate them.

Previously, in the music video “Love Me Now”, John Legend describes how beautiful love can survive in various parts of the world.

Check out the video below:

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