Streaming Music On Your Smartphone With These 4 Applications

Music .. Who does not like it? Although everyone has their own favorite genre, listening to music of any kind has benefits that anyone can feel. Boredom when driving in a car, or standing on a commuter train is not too feels annoying if accompanied by music. Even without you knowing, if ever ride Lion Air, once the plane landing and parking, they turn on the music in the cabin so that passengers do not scramble out of the plane and remain in a state of calm.

Listening to live or live music is most exciting. Experience is different from just listening to it through the best headset or earphone though. Until the rise of the “Audiophile” is the people who are willing to spend more money to pursue sound quality as good as the original.

Kompasianer who was born in the 80s may still remember the cassette and walkman, then the music storage media changed into a laser disc (not so popular in Indonesia), followed by Compact Disc and arrived in the current era where music can be stored on the memory card or heard through Streaming over the internet. Well, the replacement of this music storage media provides ups and downs for the industry that is in it. Starting from the artist who mess around with pirated music to the seller of the bankrupt tapes. Even the largest CD retail store in Indonesia is now closing its store.

Now with a smartphone, one does not need another gadget to store music, unlike a few years ago. Coupled with the price of internet packages are getting cheaper and faster (we used to pay 100,000 for GPRS speed internet, now dng the same price has gained 4G speed), the most popular service is streaming music via the internet.

In Indonesia alone there are 4 popular music streaming services namely Apple Music, Spotify, Joox and Sky Music. There may still be some others but arguably the fourth is the ruler of the market. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and will be discussed one by one.


Apple Music

This service belongs to Apple, the same company that makes idevice like ipad, iphone, ipad and macbook and they have been experienced in the music world since the birth of the ipod. Apple has an exclusive collaboration with several artists so there are some songs that can only be streamed through apple music. The drawback is that this service can only be enjoyed more optimally if it has iDevice. In addition, the payment method can only be done using a credit card. There is no free service in enjoying Apple Music, so users are required to pay monthly subscription fees.



Spotify can be said to have the most complete music collection, both Indonesian and overseas music. Collection of playlists is also the most fun because Spotify has professional staff to create playlists with good collection. Another advantage is that we can listen to music for free at no charge, although the quality of voice is limited, sometimes inserted ads and music can not be downloaded. If you want better quality, can subscribe Spotify Premium where the method of payment can use bank transfer, even paid through minimarket. Suitable for Indonesians who are not all comfortable with credit card payments. Spotify is also popular abroad.



Joox service is almost similar to Spotify, but they have some cooperation with some operators like Telkomsel and Indosat where we can subscribe special music data package with bonus of VIP Joox account. With VIP account, music can be downloaded and the sound quality is better because it uses DTS Effect technology. JOOX jg is more “down to earth” because it has several shows like JOOXLive, a talk show with some musicians, and a BolJoox comedy show hosted by Danang-Darto. Even with the free service is enough if only just listen to music. If you want more, there are operators who work with joox for the purchase of VIP accounts through crediting.


The Sky of Music

For this one service is a subsidiary of Telkomsel. Just like JOOX, purchasing a music data plan will get a Sky Music Premium account. The cost of the subscription is arguably the cheapest. The drawback, the music collection is not as much as the others and does not have above average sound quality. But with telkomsel, listening to music through Sky Music will not reduce our regular internet quota as it provides its own quota for the music sky.

Although such services benefit consumers, not all artists feel the benefits because of the perceived royalty that is not fair. The royalty scheme between the service provider and the artist is not affected how much the song is heard. But there are those who still think positively because it is better that way than the music is hijacked and the artist does not get any profit.

So which music streaming service do you choose?

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