Blink-182 Releases New Video Clip Entitled “Home Is Such A Lonely Place”!

Blink-182 has just released a new video clip from their latest song entitled Home Is Such A Lonely Place.

This video clip is considered very touching because it describes the personal life of each band personnel, namely Mark Hoppus, Travis Barker and Matt Skiba.

And more cool, this video clip was made before the blink-182 tour around the world, which makes their time with the family become more intimate and warm.

Visible Mark is playing guitar with his only child, then there is Travis Barker who was tattooing his body accompanied his children.

“This video is the easiest video we’ve ever made, all we need to do is just be at home and with friends and family when we get ready for the tour,” they said.

“This is our most personal and lucky video clip of us, one of our favorites,” he added.

Just check the video below, bro!

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