First In History, Harvard Students Submit Rap Album As Their Scripts.

-He is Obasi Shaw, a student from Harvard University majoring in English Literature, recorded his name in the history of one of the coolest campuses in the world. How not, instead of making an essay, novella, short story or book collection of poetry as the final task, Shaw instead make rap albums.

“I already have no other ideas, so I only have one choice. I am a collection of letters and submit this (rap album). Do not expect anything, but look now, “said this 20-year-old guy was quoted by

The album he created was titled “Liminal Minds”. The topics he mentions are the race, religion, and identity of the dark society. Based on his experience, Shaw is focusing on the racial themes in America and how dark people face him.

“I want to explore the difficulty of being a dark person and becoming a human being. My goal is to make people empathize and realize that they (dark people) face many difficulties in life. There’s no human being more human than the others, “Shaw said.

Take a look at one of his song lyrics entitled Open Your Eyes who question about the struggle of African-Americans:

“Just watch the thrones, our people are known

For making history of the impossible.

From rap to White House, we unstoppable.

Jumping Jim Crow to playing Oscar roles.”

Shaw tells that his song is inspired by his parents who are Harvard graduates as well.

He did not expect, the album he did for a year can be accepted by the campus. In fact, he can pass with A’s – therefore. And as soon as later, Shaw will work at Google.

“I’m not sure I will have a career in music, but I certainly will continue as a hobby,” said Shaw.

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