Good Charlotte Releases New Video Clip Featuring Sleeping With Sirens Vocalist.

Pop punk followers must know that Good Charlotte is currently in full swing-promoting their sixth album, Youth Authority. In addition to the tour, they are also diligent to release video clips.

Well, the latest is a music video clip entitled Keep Swinging which they release on June 9, 2017 yesterday. Interestingly, in this song they feature the vocalist Sleeping With Sirens, Kellin Quinn.

Quite a lot of vocal parts are filled by Kellin Quinn. From a 3:14 song, we will hear Kellin singing for 49 seconds in three parts, in minutes 0:48 – 1:10, minutes 1:38 – 1:57 and last at 2:17 – 2:25

When viewed, Kellin is often invited to the contents of vocals in fellow punk band world. For example in the song “Paper Planes of One OK Rock, and in the song” King for a Day “with Pierce the Veil.

Well, let’s look at the video clip while singing the lyrics.

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