Wooww, My Chemical Romance Will Reunion Again, Here!

-Since 2013, emo band from New Jersey, United States named My Chemical Romance “close age” because there are various problems that hit the band.

The band is fronted by an eccentric frontman named Gerard Way, during his career, has made songs that hits really among young people.

Call it Helena, Famous Last Words, Welcome to the Black Parade until I’m Not Okay. Lie if you dont know My Chemical Romance songs all that.


Well, recently, there is good news for fans My Chemical Romance. The reason, Gerard has confirmed that reunion could happen soon, but ….

“I do not want to say that reunion (My Chemical Romance) is not possible,” said Gerard, quoted from Loud Wire.

“At the same time, however, the whole band is doing what each of them enjoys the most.The most happy thing about me is that the relationship between us is still very strong, that’s the most important thing compared to anything else,” said the now busy Gerard Solo career.

Well, at the end of the interview, Gerard added, if he is really busy making comics and there is also a plan to release a second album!


“I will schedule my activities in writing comics and writing music There are plans to release something, but I do not know when it will be released, and the process is in progress!” He concluded.

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