John Lennon’s Wife, Yoko Ono, Getting Credit On “Imagine”

-You must be sure if karaokean ever heard a song called Imagine from John Lennon.

Or at least, you must have seen someone quote Imagine’s lyrics if there were more bad things going on around him.

Yep, the song that tells about peace is very inspiring people to do good, and always used when bad events are around them.

John Lennon di How I Won The War
John Lennon di How I Won The War

Because the song does have a positive aura, and can have a good impact also for the audience.

Well, recently, it turns out John Lennon is not alone in creating the song. As Variety tells, John Lennon’s wife during his lifetime, Yoko Ono, also helped him write the song.

So this happened because in a video released in 1980, it appears that John said that Yoko should get an award or at least credit for the songwriting, because Yoko has inspired him to write the song.

Here, for you who want to hear the song, can be listened in the video below!

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