Loh, This Metal Band Bring Nickelodeon Cartoon Songs. So What’s Funny?

They are Our Last Night, a metalcore / post-hardcore band from New Hampshire, United States of America doing that unique thing.

The band that formed since 2004 was indeed known for their rock songs. Need to remember, metal music or rock that played Our Last Night is more directed to the metal music “trend”, many elements of beatdown and metalcore in their musical dish, but not a little part “sing” clean it.

Well, back again about the concept of the video cover version that they do by bringing the medley theme songs from the Nickelodeon cartoon, so, through their YouTube Channel who already have more than 1 million Subcribers, the band fronted by Trevor Wentworth (vocals), Matt Wentworth ( Guitar), Alex “Woody” Woodrow (bass), and Tim Molloy (drums) is just giving a short “info”, about their motivation to make this video.

“Hope you guys enjoyed our favorite Nickelodeon theme songs with an Our Last Night twist!” They wrote.

This band emang known to make diligent cover version so, anyway. Songs from Ed Sheeran to Justin Biber also had their cover. Yes please, but do not forget to make a new song, yes, boss! Ha ha ha…

Eh, for those who are interested to listen, just listen to our new “masterpiece” Our Lasti Night below!

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