This is the reason Steve Vai never used a vocalist in his song!

Every musician must have his own formula in creating his own work, no exception Steve Vai.

Guitarist from the United States who get the title of the world’s best guitarist to-10 is indeed never wearing a vocalist in every song that he recorded and released to the music industry.

Why? Let’s hear curhatan guitarist who ever gig in Indonesia this!

Steve Vai
Steve Vai

“No. For me, I am very comfortable with filling the vision desire in my head without any interference from anyone or anything,” he told Ultimate Guitar.

“This is how I feel when I finish my Passion & Warfare and Flex-Able albums and each of my solo albums,” he explained.

Indeed, hell, not every musician is comfortable with the presence of a vocalist, not selfish, but there are indeed musicians who like to stand on stage without any interference anyone.

After all, if you hear Steve Vai’s songs, the strains of his guitar solo melody can replace the vocalist, very sad and make a cool ear!

Do not believe? Listen to one of his best songs!

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