Very pity. Justin Bieber thrown in bottle during a gig Because Can Not Bring Song Despacito. View Video Here.

So a musician emang there is good and not delicious. Justin Bieber’s classmate, is not there any good? You should see this news because Justin Bieber almost wretched because of his own work that again nge hits, Despacito song.

Reported by, while holding a concert at Sweden’s Summerburst Festival, stockholm, Justin Bieber thrown bottled mineral water by fans and almost about the head of the Canadian star. Try if a gallon, can bonyok Justin’s mas head.

Apparently the beginning of the fans asked Justin Bieber to sing a song called Despacito. Bieber replied “I can not reply Despacito.” That answer reacts to the frustration of his fans at the festival.

Not the first cuman. Late last month Justin Bieber caught on camera trying to sing Despaciton song at a nightclub in New York. As a result he was wrong lyric song.

Apparently after the investigation, the Bieber do not want to sing Despacito song because he can not speak Spanish. In other words he does not understand the meaning of the song he brought it.

Had another time featuring, in English songs alone rather than thrown the bottle again with fans, or Bieber must be Spanish tutoring lets understand the lyrics of Despacito song. So if at any time fans ask to sing the song, yes no word can not anymore.

This video when the bottle is thrown. Just check 30 seconds video from one of the viewers.

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