Wuih, Corey Taylor “SlipKnot” Justin Bieber’s Collaboration?

In this world, nothing is impossible. Agree no? However, if Corey Taylor from Slipknot and Justin Bieber collaborate on music, maybe not, right?

Well, Corey Taylor also has an answer to a question that seems to surprise the SlipKnot frontman.

But before, he vent about working on a solo album in the future if he has a chance.

Corey Taylor dan Justin Bieber
Corey Taylor dan Justin Bieber

“Maybe (I made the album) blues, a lot of types (music) that I want to make,” he said when asked Up Against the Wall Podcast, reported Ultimate Guitar.

“I want to make an acoustic album!” He explained.

However, when Up Against the Wall asks bluntly about him when collaborating with Bieber, he has a very firm explanation!

“Maybe not with Bieber, I have a rule to respect the people I work with,” he said.

You see, there is a video on YouTube that combines the song SlipKnot titled Psychosocial with Bieber’s song titled Baby.

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