Blink-182’s Latest Album Will Be Experimental! This is Curhatan Mark Hoppus

The punk rock band from the United States who already very familiar in your ears, blink-182, just vent about their latest album, nih!

The bassist Mark Hoppus insists that blink-182 will start writing new, more “fresh” songs next year.

“We’ve talked about what the latest blink-182 album will be,” Mark said when met NME in Rock Werchter 2017.

Mark confessed, though, that they have not written a new song until now, but he promises that blink-182 will write new songs that will make punk rock fans more spirited!

Mark Hoppus
Mark Hoppus

“I think this album will bring blink-182 back to its roots.We will keep the blink-182 side and it will be more experimental!” He explained.

He describes this album as a blink-182 album that is not titled, alias untitled.

“As we did on the album ‘Untitled’ blink-182. It still feels like blink-182 but feels even more different, right?” He said.

Duh, so can not wait to hear her new album, ya!

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