Cancel Concert, Green Day “Dinyanyiin” Hundreds of Fans at Home Hotel!

Green Day heavy fans in Glasgow, Scotland, again very sad.

Because the concert of the punk rock punk rock of the United States was canceled because of the weather is very dangerous.

They were supposed to be performing at Bellahouston Park on July 4th, but unfortunately, the schedule had to be canceled.

Finally, when Green Day again rested at his hotel before catching up to another concert schedule, hundreds of their heavy fans went to the hotel that Billie Joe Armstrong and his friends were encountering.

However, not to protest because the concert was canceled, nor to ask for their money to return.

However, they want to sing Green Day songs to be heard by his own band!

This is seen in a post by Billie’s Instagram who heard Green Day fans singing Green Day songs Still Breathing up to American Idiot!
Green Day
Green Day

“Hello to the Glasgow boys! It’s sad, actually we really wanted a gig, but it’s very unsafe for the visitors, the crew and for us,” Billie said with his sleepy face.

“Right now, I can hear people gathering in front of our hotel I hear them singing ‘Still Breating’, it’s so beautiful,” he explained.

Yes actually the decision of Green Day to cancel the concert was quite wise.

Instead of endangering the lives of thousands of people and also Green Day’s own life, mending a little patiently to wait for the weather to get better!

Agreed, no ?!

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