How to Create Video Content from Smartphone, YouTuber Required Install!

In addition to enjoying a variety of content, smartphones can also be used to create a variety of creative content. Yes, one of them is video content.

For you who are a video creator or YouTuber, then you probably should have a new Android app named Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert mp3. To help you make videos anytime and anywhere via smartphone.

How to Create Video Content from a Smartphone, YouTuber Must Have!


The Timbre app is free and devoid of ads, meaning you can edit audio and video files without worrying about annoying or pop-up notifications when you edit content.

If you are looking for a new editing app, Timbre is the perfect choice to support your work on creating video content.


With this app, it allows you to edit, crop, merge, split, and convert media files. Interestingly, the music and video pieces have high quality.

Timbre allows you to select audio or video files from your device and give you full control over how you want to edit them. Now, just how creativity you work and continue to grasp your abilities. Good luck!

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