Here’s The Reason Matt Skiba Joins Blink-182!

During this time, since Tom Delonge officially came out of blink-182, Matt Skiba, vocalist Alkaline Trio, came and replaced Tom as vocalist.

When asked why he wanted and really get into the blink-182 replace Tom, he replied that Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus managed to convince him.

“When they ask me, if they think I can do it, then I’ll do it! I do not know what the blink-182 fans will say,” Matt told Music Radar, cited Ultimate Guitar.

Matt Skiba is sure to replace Tom DeLonge
Matt Skiba is sure to replace Tom DeLonge

“I’m not doing something I’ve never done before, except it’s on a different scale and with different people! I’m lucky that ‘lightning’ takes me twice in my life,” he said.

Some time ago, Tom also said, if he was asked the same Travis and Mark to return to blink-182, he immediately wanted and no problem for him back to blink-182.

But I think Mark and Travis are very comfortable with Matt in blink-182.

Besides, his voice is almost the same as his voice Mark, really!

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