Awesome! Linkin Park together Blink 182 Collaboration Make a Song together, Must Heard!

Seriously, the title of this article is not excessive, really, not click the stanza as well. Ha ha ha! Linkin Park together Blink 182 emang make a song together, their collaboration is represented by two frontman. Mike Shinoda ngewakilin Linkin Park, and Mark Hoppus ngewakilin Blink 182.

However, their collaboration made the song not yet to make a song to be recorded and commercialized, a collaboration both occurring in the event MIDEM (Marché International du Disque et de l’Edition Musicale), an organization engaged in the field of music ecosystems (linking artists, technology , And international brand) from France.

So, both of them filled out an event content called Keynote, well in the event, both were “challenged” by Shirly Halperin, music editor of Variety, who hosted the show.

“You will all see something extraordinary going on,” Shirly said, before calling the two world-class musicians to the stage.

In the event that was held in Cannes, France on June 7, both performed on stage for approximately 35 minutes. During that moment, both of them performed their skills in music. Starting from making music to playing it.

Uniquely, after the event is almost finished, Collaboration Mike Shinoda and Mark Hoppus it managed to bring up a new name, for both, Shinoppus. Ha ha ha…..

Well, hopefully wrote, both can be real collaboration. Kalo can all band personnel follow-up make a song together, have you ever toured together too, tuh. Agreed, dong?

For those who want to watch Shinoppus action, just watch the video below.

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