Fall Out Boy So Cameo In Cartoon Movies Teen Titans Go! Check out his video!

Our favorite pop punk band will be liked as well as the funny little kids who like to watch Cartoon Network. Yes, Fall Out Boy is invited to be a cameo for the Teen Titans Go cartoon!

In one episode that aired not long ago in July, there was a scene of Teen Titans breaking into a studio where Fall Out Boy was recording. And the Titans told them that there was a magical song that could turn them into robots.

In the film, Pete Wents is the only person who looks enthusiastic about the magical song. But unfortunately, they did not bring the song because other personnel think it strange.

But if seen from his history, it was not the first time Pete Wents cs. Appeared in cartoons. Previously Patrick Stump had been invited to make a soundtrack for the movie The Incredible Hulk Coaster and has appeared as a guest star in the movie Star vs The Force of Evil on the Disney Channel.

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