Waaaww, Billy Joe Make New Band Outside Green Day!

was good news for punk rock lovers all over the world, has formed a band, which contains the punk rock legends of the world.

The band is called Armstrongs. Hmm …, If from the name of the band, already imagine who wrote who wrote in this band?

There’s Billie Joe Armstrongs, there’s Joey Armstrongs, his son Billie. Who else is there again? Tim Armstrongs from Rancid, and Tim’s niece, his name is Rey Armstrongs. Yep, the four have the same name, so that’s why it’s called Armstrongs.

Create additional info, this song was recorded initially for the documentary punk film that worked on Billie Joe, Turn It Around: The Story Of East Bay.

Funny, is not it? What happens there are four Armstrongs in a band? Immediately denger wrote, deh the song.

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