Apparently, Diamond Pool in Taylor Swift Clip Videos That’s Original!

A few days ago, popstar from the United States, Taylor Swift, released her latest single titled Look What You Made Me Do.

In the video clip, Taylor seems to have a lot of personality, so he is described as different people with unique costumes in each character.

In a Taylor character in the video clip, it appears he was “bathing” in a pond filled with diamonds!


The people who watch it must have concluded, “Ah, most, it’s a fake diamond!”

However, according to High Snobiety quoting Page Six, diamond entrepreneurs like Neil Lane helped Taylor to use 10 million dollars to make the video as luxurious and as good as possible.

Of course, on set, there are security forces deployed to keep the loan diamonds.

Not only that, diamonds that are exorbitant price is also very good quality, so when repatriated to the owner, nothing is damaged or defective.

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