Paid 17 Billion, Adele Rejects Gig Because of It

Starting from his career as a singer from a small stage to a festival, Adele is now listed as one of the highest income soloists in the world. This he achieved thanks to a series of hits that reap a massive success throughout his career.

Never underestimated, now Adele’s gig rate might make people glare amazed. Yes, the latest news says that Adele got an offer of up to 1 million poudsterling or about 17 billion dollars for a gig.

Adele tolak 1 juta pound demi hobi baru (AFP/Jason Merritt)
Adele tolak 1 juta pound demi hobi baru (AFP/Jason Merritt)

One of Adele’s teams revealed the fantastic offer to the media. But more interesting is Adele refused to appear in the event that was held in the Middle East, and he has its own reasons.

The source said that Adele now have other activities outside the stage. Later the Hello singer was fond of gardening and merwat favorite crops.

“No, I do not think he’ll take that offer, he’s busy gardening these weeks,” said Adele’s agent as proclaimed Female First (6/11).

Larger disclaimer ever made Adele

The offer of a gig with a rate of 17 billion rupiah is so tempting. With just one show, Adele can buy some luxury cars at exorbitant prices.

Apparently for Adele, money is not everything. Indeed, during this Adele income is the largest. But money is not his top priority in life.

Previously, this talented songwriter has also been rejected offer endorsement with the amount of money that is not less spectacular. Media reported, Adele denied 540 billion rupiah in order to spend time with his beloved baby, Simon Konecki.

Adele, penyanyi dengan tarif manggung selangit
Adele, penyanyi dengan tarif manggung selangit

Meanwhile, a great offer for Adele has also come to headline the Super Bowl 2018. But he will most likely not take it because the core of the show is not really music, but sports and business. Therefore Adele prefers gardening and with his family.

If possible, what would you do if you were Adele?

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